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Stop SDF Deployment to Iraq by Campaign in General Election / No Vote for Troops-sending Candidates

Say No to War-monger Cabinet

The House of Representatives was dissolved on October 10, and general election is going to be held on November 9 beginning with its official announcement on October 28.

This general election will ask the Japanese public sharply which course she is going to take at the outset of the 21st century. Whether to put an end to the pro-war course by not sending the Self-Defense Forces troops to Iraq. Or to become a willing and active promoter of war-hungry global capitalism by slaughtering the Iraqi people by her own SDF troops. This should be the real issue of confrontation.

The Koizumi Cabinet has been running as fast as it can in the latter course since it was formed in April of 2001. Prime Minister KOIZUMI Jun'ichiro declared his support for American wars on Afghanistan and Iraq at the earliest opportunities. To enter these wars, his cabinet had passed the special measures law on terrorism, the legislation to deal with military emergencies and the special measures law for Iraq one after another. With complete disregard for Pyongyang Declaration that Koizumi signed himself, he seems to be watching for an opportunity to use military forces in the Korean Peninsular with a vigilant eye. Finally, he has announced his plan for an "amendment draft of the Constitution of Japan by the year 2005" in his Liberal Democratic Party's election pledge.

Koizumi displays the unprecedentedly straight jingoism which has never been revealed so outright by any of the past LDP administrations since the end of the World War II. Voters need to show their objection to his choice of pro-war course for Japan.

Trickery of "Choice of Administration"

Newspapers are throwing about phrases like "an election for selection of the next government" or "the choice between LDP and Democratic Party of Japan for the government." However, there is no room for selection in reality because the DPJ approves the deployment of the SDF abroad basically.

The manifesto of the DPJ says, "Responding to the United Nations' call for the support of the expanding activities of UN Peace Keeping Operations, we look into the best way of cooperation positively, for example, by the reexamination of the standard of use of arms by SDF personnel." It also says "When a Security Council resolution is adopted, we tackle the mission of support by making the best practical use of the SDF and easing the applicable standards of deployment for the PKO." It seems to indicate that they do not hesitate to use the SDF's high-tech weaponry for the mission they approve of. Furthermore, it goes on to say "We design a new defense plan including integration and reorganization of the Ground, Maritime and Air SDF, upgrading of military technology and adoption of missile defense system in less than five years." They are no less warmongers than the LDP.

How about their stance toward the Koizumi's structural reform which has been promoting massive lay-offs and destroying the life of people? DPJ Secretary-General OKADA Katsuya said, "The major difference is that we think that the Koizumi's reform is too slow" on October 10. Obviously the DPJ is determined to pursue the course of merciless destroyer of the people's life.

The catchword of the "choice of administration" is nothing but the cover-up of the reality that there is "no choice."

Blow the Wind of Anti-Occupation

How can we overcome this hopeless situation where there is no bone of contention other than the procedural difference for the deployment of SDF troops? We need to make the entire electorate realize that the real issue in this election is whether we should allow Japanese SDF members to kill Iraqi civilians or not. And this is the only way to undermine the high popularity rating of Koizumi.

Eman Khammas of the International Occupation Watch Center appealed the Japanese people in an interview with FLAG OF UNITY, saying, "Please spread the truth about the real issues of occupied Iraq, and educate ordinary people. If people know, they will move." Munir Chalabi of Britain-based Iraq Watch, who came to Japan to attend the launching meeting of the International Criminal Tribunal for Iraq, said, "You should resolutely oppose the deployment of SDF troops to Iraq, which would lead to multinational occupation of Iraq."

We have to listen to their appeals. Let us hold photo exhibitions, make street speeches at stations, and show Depleted Uranium educational video films. Let the Japanese public know how urgent it is to stop sending SDF troops by all means. Let us send open letters to all candidates of each constituency and ask questions about the deployment of SDF to Iraq. The answers or no answers will reveal what they really stand for.

In all constituencies, let us make waves and blow the wind of international movement of "another superpower of the world " against the war on and occupation of Iraq. (October 13)

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