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Iraq Tribunal Pronounces Koizumi Guilty / Spread Around Convictions to Win Withdrawal of Japanese Troops

Koizumi in support of genocide

At an extraordinary cabinet meeting on December 9, the Koizumi administration decided to extend the deployment of the Self-Defense Forces (SDF) troops to Iraq for one year. Against opposition of more than 60% of the public, the government persists in the continuation of SDF's presence among the occupation forces, and that with mere addition of wording, "Appropriate measures shall be taken as needed," to the basic dispatch plan for securing support of ruling parties.

Koizumi justifies his stance saying, "When the United States is having a difficult time, cooperation as its alley is in the national interest." "National interest," he says. He is, however, actually talking about the demand of global capitalists and their stakes in oil and reconstruction of Iraq. The business community candidly voiced support saying, "One-year extension is appropriate." (KITASHIRO Kakutaro, Chairman of the Japan Association of Corporate Executives)

In Iraq, however, with the elections looming in January of next year for a Transitional National Assembly, struggles demanding withdrawal of the occupation forces are surging across the country. In Samawah where the SDF camp is stationed, demonstrators are demanding the SDF to leave since they "see no better living conditions." The Iraqi Civil Resistance and a majority of anti-occupation groups have decided to boycott the elections. They will boycott because no elections can be democratic under military occupation.

Victims of the genocide in Falluja by the US forces are scapegoats of the Iraqi people wishing to end the occupation and to establish their sovereignty. As Koizumi supports the genocide, saying, "The operation gave a certain positive impact," and extends the dispatch to point weapons at the people, we should never tolerate his move.

Overseas operations upgraded to "primary mission" status

On the December 10 following the decision of the extended dispatch, the Koizumi cabinet gave approval for a new National Defense Program Outline and the five-year Midterm Defense Program (Next-term Defense Program). To the next ordinary Diet session in 2005, Koizumi intends to submit a draft revision of the SDF Law to make it more aggressive by upgrading its overseas operations to the "primary mission" status. In order to protect global capitalist interests, this move aims to prepare for foreseeable Japan-US joint operations by enabling the SDF to be dispatched "anytime, anywhere" for killings of resisting people. The Next-term Defense Program aims to develop capabilities sufficient for attacking enemy bases, including long-range carriers (CX) capable of loading middle-sized helicopters.

Already, the Air SDF has been advancing into de facto integration of use of armed force with the US forces, having air-transported 1,200 armed soldiers to Iraq from their base in Kuwait since March, 2004. Also, accompanying the dispatch extension, the 550-member force stationed in Samawah will have the fighting unit scaled up to a size of 180, enhanced with 50 from the distribution unit. Offensive weapons will also be deployed, including counter-mortar raiders. They are aiming to create a de facto state and equipment relevant for an aggressor/occupying country.

Disseminate Tribunal's decision and recommendation to the world

On December 11 and 12, the International Criminal Tribunal for Iraq (ICTI) had its Tokyo trial. Based on as many as 14 hearings and the Kyoto trial, the Court pronounced Koizumi, Bush, Blair and Arroyo (of the Philippines) guilty of the aggression and occupation of Iraq and accompanying war crimes. The judges also issued important recommendation covering eight points including stoppage of the genocide in Falluja, withdrawal of all occupation forces from Iraq and survey on and reparations for war damages.

This decision and recommendation is a historic treasure of peoples around the world struggling against the occupation of Iraq. We should share this treasure and deliver it to the world, following the path made by citizens and lawyers who participated in the trial from Iraq, Japan, Korea, the Philippines, Indonesia, the United States and other countries.

Use the court decision and recommendation to enhance our movement. While the media do not cover Iraq under declaration of a state of emergency or the genocide in Falluja, let us broadcast the facts uncovered in the trial. Let us also extend our solidarity action supporting the Iraqi Civil Resistance. That is the path to immediate withdrawal of all occupation forces including the SDF from Iraq. Through this passage, the Iraqi people will recover their sovereignty and achieve a free and equal civil society. (December 12)

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