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Create World Trend of Solidarity with IFC / Join Jan. 29 International Solidarity Assembly

Solidarity with IFC Now

On January 28 and 29, International Conference and Assembly for Immediate Withdrawal of Occupation Forces and Democratic Reconstruction of Iraq in Solidarity with Iraq Freedom Congress (IFC) will be held under the initiatives of IFC Secretary Samir Adil and other leaders from Japan, the US, Europe and Asia.

Movement for Democratic Socialism (MDS) has been protesting the occupation of Iraq. Not only that, MDS has been struggling in solid unity with IFC and the Civil Resistance organizations under it, appealing the need for solidarity with the forces in Iraq that are struggling to create a democratic Iraq as an essential factor for enhancing the world anti-occupation movement. It is time to spread those activities nationwide and worldwide. We hereby call to all individuals and groups that have been standing up against the war of aggression on Iraq to join and support the January 29 Rally.

Make 2006 the year of withdrawal of all occupation forces from Iraq

This March is the third anniversary of the outbreak of the war on Iraq. These three years have been seeing tens of millions of people standing up to say "No!" to the war and the occupation not just in the US and UK but also in all corners of this planet. Given the current situation in Iraq, it is obvious that, in the face of these torrents of peace movements, the Bush administration will soon be forced to withdraw entirely from Iraq, and will have to present the bottom line of the war of aggression.

The political and diplomatic failure of the present US administration is now as clear as day in anybody's view. On last December 14, President Bush publicly admitted, "It is true that much of the intelligence (justifying the war) turned out to be wrong." Furthermore, on January 4, he had no option other than directly mentioning partial withdrawal of the military by sending back several thousand troops back home. Though its peak time saw 39 nations participating, the Coalition of the Willing now does not look so willing. In 2006, the number of occupier nations will be a half of the peak. It is safe to say that we are on the eve of the entire withdrawal of all occupation forces.

The significant event among all is the complete failure of the December National Assembly elections forged forward as the ultimate finishing work in the "political process" following the January 2005 National Assembly elections and the October 2005 national referendum on the constitution. Even one month later, there has been no organization of a new government. Far from that, they are having difficulty in finalizing the voting results. Sects and parties that joined the elections themselves now give voices against "the corrupt elections," waging demonstrations around the country. The Iraqi people have refused all political scenarios coerced under occupation, with killings and violence and religious orders.

In turn, Bush is driven into a narrow corner that would not allow him to continue the same hard-handed measures as he is looking out for the interim election in November. In 2006, three years since the start of the occupation, there is a great potential to achieve the total withdrawal of occupation forces.

Struggles of Japanese and Korean people to become the key

Toward that end, we have two keys. One is to sever the chain of terrorism and killings by occupation forces and armed political Islam. The other is the leap of anti-war movements in Japan and Korea. The former is the greatest political and financial supporter of the occupation, and the latter is the third greatest force that dispatches troops to Iraq only after the US and UK. Japan is where we are holding the International Conference and Rally for solidarity with IFC, and this is why it is so significant to have the meetings in Japan.

No need to mention Iraqi representatives, representatives of anti-war and pro-democracy movements in Korea, the Philippines and Indonesia are determined to attend, and sponsorship among US and European organizations is spreading day by day.

The success of the International meetings will surely become a leaping point for the March 18-19 international anti-war actions on the third anniversary of the outbreak of the war, two month ahead from now. Above all, it will definitely inspire Japan's anti-war movement to take an offensive turn. Join the January 29 International Solidarity Rally. (January 7)

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