We condemn the assassination of Mr. Abdelhusssein Saddam by the U.S. and Iraqi Army

On the 4th of July, the US military and its puppet Iraqi National Guards abducted Mr.Abdelhussein Saddam, the Head of Safety Force of IFC (Iraq Freedom Congress), and he was found dead two days later on the 6th of July. We express our deepest condolences on his death, and strongly condemn his assassination by the US military and the puppet Iraqi army.

Why did they assassinate the head of the IFC Safety Force? The reason is clear if you look at the great progress in the struggles made by IFC over the past months.

More and more Iraqi people have come to support the struggles of IFC, which is striving, under the slogan 'Not Sunna, Not Shiite, But We are humans', toward gaining the withdrawal of all the occupational forces and establishment of a secular and democratic government. Iraqi people support the work of the IFC Safety Force, for they seriously suffer from terrorism brought on them by both occupational forces and political Islam. However, The activities of IFC are unacceptable to Political Islam, who wants to secure more oil share by resorting to suicide bombings to instigate hatred among religious sects and split up Iraq. And to the U.S. military, as well, IFC's activities are unacceptable, because the U.S. wants to have Iraq divided and ruled, taking the full advantage of the terrorism conducted by Political Islam.

Global capitalism and its puppet regime are trying to pass the Oil Law in order to have Iraqi oil under their total control. It is Oil Workers' Unions in affiliation with IFC that have emerged as a brave opposition against the law. IFC is appealing to the people of Iraq that we should never allow Iraqi oil, which should be used in the interest of Iraqi reconstruction, to be shared among global capitalism, its puppet regime, and Political Islam. The oil-fiends must have found the activities unpleasant.

Moreover, IFC have has finally gained the means by which to drastically strengthen its public relations on with the people of Iraq. It is with the debut of Sana(Light) satellite TV station. Mass media in Iraq have been predominated by either occupational forces or Political Islam. Media with a basic stance of anti-occupation and pro-secularism have been up to this point inexistent. On June 19th, Sana TV started its official broadcasting. There has appeared not a TV that inflicts hatred and despair on people but a TV as a light of hope. Sana TV is something they want to smash on the part of those forces who support conventional TV stations that instigate religious and ethnic sectarian violence and justify occupation.

All of these are the reasons that the U.S. forces and its puppet Iraqi national army assassinated Mr.Abelhussein Saddam.

However, they are totally wrong. The policies of the Iraqi occupation by the Bush administration are not supported even in the United States. The anti-war movement in the U.S has grown strong to the level where they can press the government to set a concrete timetable for withdrawal. World peace forces will never allow the assassination. We will, in firm solidarity with IFC, continue to protest to the U.S government and military, and its puppet Iraqi government and army. We will keep on struggling to withdraw Japan's Self Defense Forces which are stationed to carry out tasks of the murderous US army. The answer to the assassination put forth by Iraqi people and the world peace movement is the withdrawal of all the occupational forces and the establishment of a democratic government. Anti-war movements in the world as well as in Japan, let us rise up in our strongest condemnation of the assassin!

July 6, 2007

MDS (Movement for Democratic Socialism) Central Committee

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