The International Conference Demanding immediate withdrawal of occupation forces for the reconstruction of democratic Iraq in solidarity with Iraq Freedom Congress (IFC).

Tokyo, January 28, 2006


1. Iraq is still under occupation, after being invaded by Coalition of the Willing led by the United States in March, 2003. This is obviously a war crime in clear violation of the United Nations Charter.

Warmongers, including Bush, Blair, Koizumi and others, are trying to prolong the military occupation, maintain puppet governments successively, and steal the wealth of the petroleum resources from Iraq and make profits from the reconstruction contracts.

The "National Assembly election" was held in December, 2005 under the violent military control of occupation forces with increased air strikes. The U.S. forces, Islamist sects and ethnic parties are trying to set up a pseudo "legitimate government" through the secret deliberations among them. Yet, a "government" set up under invasion and occupation can never be justified, and should not be accepted by the international community.

All the occupation forces should be withdrawn and all the foreign military bases including those of the U.S. should be dismantled so that the right of the Iraqi people can be guaranteed to make an informed and free decision on the future of political system.

2. Daily life and the security of Iraqi people have been devastated by the chain of violence of the occupation forces as well as the armed political Islam. Brutal killings of Iraqi civilians and successive puppet governments in Iraq orchestrated by the occupation forces have resulted in the intensified confrontations and divisions in Iraq by religious and ethnic differences. The number of civilian victims continues to increase in Iraq as suicide bombers of the political Islam involve more and more civilians in their attacks.

Military actions that sacrifice noncombatant civilians are absolutely unforgivable, whether it is done by the occupation forces or by the political Islam. When a military force sets military target on civilian population, it is violating the Geneva Conventions. All the military actions involving Iraqi civilians should be stopped immediately.

3. Iraq Freedom Congress demands the withdrawal of occupation forces, opposes the violence of political Islam so that the people of Iraq may enjoy the political freedom as well as the security and human rights.

We support IFC's commitments to building a secular, free and democratic society in Iraq by establishing women's shelters, Children Protection Center, the autonomous neighborhood of Al-Tadhamun (Solidarity) which offers adequate social service for residents who live together in peace and safety by self-governance across the ethnic and religious boundaries, as well as promoting workers' rights in trade union activities. The progress of Iraq Freedom Congress is the hope of all the people of the world who are against wars and want to create lasting peace.

4. International solidarity is the power that could end the occupation, severing the vicious cycle of violence in Iraq. The peace power prevails on the global scale making continuous efforts to end the occupation of Iraq. In every corner of the world, people are struggling to eliminate military bases and military forces of any kind from their own countries and areas, as well as to practice non-cooperation with a war. The international solidarity of the people can undermine the foundation of the war mechanism.

5. We call for the peace power of the world to get united and join the actions as specified below:

(1) On March 18th and 19th, 2006, the 3rd anniversary of the Iraq war, and on September 24, have internationally coordinated actions to demand the end of occupation of Iraq.

(2) On March 8th, the International Women's Day, have internationally coordinated actions in solidarity with the Organization of Women's Freedom in Iraq.

(3) Participate in the first IFC annual general conference this year and make it successful by international solidarity.

(4) Inform the world about the activities of IFC and call on people to form IFC branches, or IFC solidarity committees all over the world, according to specific situations in each country.

(5) By grading up IFC international web site, distribute the information widely about the activities of organizations associated with IFC including the autonomous neighborhood of Al-Tadhamun, Children Protection Center in Iraq, the Organization of Women's Freedom in Iraq, Federation of Workers Councils and Unions in Iraq, etc., and explore the possible ways of substantial support for them on the grass-roots level.

(6) Support movements of IFC to establish secular, democratic, egalitarian, non-religious, non-ethnic government in Iraq.

(7) Launch a campaign to support those soldiers and defectors who refuse to be deployed in Iraq at the international level.

(8) Spread internationally coordinated anti-war cultural movements in Iraq and around the globe to promote peace in the local communities.

  • Samir Adil Iraq Freedom Congress (IFC) - Iraq
  • Azad Ahmed Children Protection Center- Iraq
  • Nada Muaid Organization of Women's Freedom in Iraq (OWFI) - Iraq
  • Ali Abas Federation of Worker Council and Unions in Iraq (FWCUI) - Iraq
  • Joseph Gainza United for Peace and Justice (UFPJ) - US
  • Bill Pelz Professor of History at Elgin College, Director of the Institute of Working Class
  • History and International Secretary of the Chicago Socialist Party- US
  • Bill Weinberg War Resisters International League (WRL) - US
  • Nicolas Dessaux Solidarite Irak - France
  • Oh Seichul Socialist Political Alliance (Preparing Group) - Korea
  • Woo Changsoo East Asia Antiwar Conference / Korea Committee - Korea
  • Lee Iljae Socialist Political Alliance (Preparing Group) - Korea
  • Paul Galang MAPALADKAKA (Parents and Children against War and Violence) - Philippines
  • Yeni Rosa Damayanti, Ms (SOLIDAMOR [Solidarity without Border]) - Indonesia
  • ITO Narihiko Professor Emeritus of Chuo University - Japan
  • OKAMOTO Mitsuo Professor Emeritus of Hiroshima Shudo University - Japan
  • Committee for Solidarity with Iraqi Civil Resistance - Japan
  • Movement for Democratic Socialism (MDS) - Japan
  • National Assembly for Peace and Democracy (ZENKO) - Japan
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