Special Resolution to Establish IFC Satellite TV

Transforming the IFC into a huge mass organization of millions of membership to end the occupation and terrorism, rebuild civility of the Iraqi society, and constitute a democratic non-religious non-ethnic government based on the humane identity of the Iraqi people, we should confront all the ideas and concepts that justify the occupation and ethnic and religious discrimination, and wide-spread superstitions and desperation.

Tens of satellite TV's poison the Iraqi society on a daily basis… educate children on how to hate whoever does not embrace their ancestor beliefs…instruct people on how to treat woman as a second class citizen… coach people on how to be a fuel of the terrorist war… inciting hatred.

In order to enhance the IFC struggle, we need to establish a satellite TV to bring up hope for the Iraqis and educate people the humane identity and how to live together peacefully and fight all the ideas that promote terrorism.

The International Solidarity Conference with IFC approves establishing IFC Satellite TV in a certain period of time through finding means of funding and providing all the financial resources.

Participants in the International Conference positively support establishing IFC satellite TV, and launch an international campaign to raise 400000 $ necessary to establish and run the TV station.

January 28, 2006

Tokyo, Japan

participants in the International Conference Aiming at Complete Withdrawal of All the Occupation Forces and Reconstructing Democratic Iraq in Solidarity with Iraq Freedom Congress (IFC)

  • Samir Adil Iraq Freedom Congress (IFC) - Iraq
  • Azad Ahmed Children Protection Center- Iraq
  • Nada Muaid Organization of Women's Freedom in Iraq (OWFI) - Iraq
  • Ali Abas Federation of Worker Council and Unions in Iraq (FWCUI) - Iraq
  • Joseph Gainza United for Peace and Justice (UFPJ) - US
  • Bill Pelz Professor of History at Elgin College, Director of the Institute of Working Class History and
  • International Secretary of the Chicago Socialist Party- US
  • Bill Weinberg War Resisters International League (WRL) - US
  • Nicolas Dessaux Solidarite Irak - France
  • Oh Seichul Socialist Political Alliance (Preparing Group) - Korea
  • Woo Changsoo East Asia Antiwar Conference / Korea Committee - Korea
  • Lee Iljae Socialist Political Alliance (Preparing Group) - Korea
  • Paul Galang MAPALADKAKA (Parents and Children against War and Violence) - Philippines
  • Yeni Rosa Damayanti, Ms (SOLIDAMOR [Solidarity without Border]) - Indonesia
  • ITO Narihiko Professor Emeritus of Chuo University - Japan
  • OKAMOTO Mitsuo Professor Emeritus of Hiroshima Shudo University - Japan
  • Committee for Solidarity with Iraqi Civil Resistance - Japan
  • Movement for Democratic Socialism (MDS) - Japan
  • National Assembly for Peace and Democracy (ZENKO) - Japan
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