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FLAG OF UNITY was first published on January 1st, 1982, by Gendai-Seiji-Kenkyuukai(Institute on Contemporary Politics). Flag of Unity Newspaper changed the name to Weekly MDS on Novemver,1,2003. Currently it is the organ of Movement for Democratic Socialism which was formed on August 27th, 2000, inheriting and developing the activities of Gendai-Seiji-Kenkyuukai.

Since the first issue, FLAG OF UNITY has picked up the struggles constituting the essence of peace and democracy in Japan, among which are the fights for reinstatement of the 1,047 dismissed National Railways workers, for dismantling of the military bases from Okinawa Island and for post-war reparation to Asian war victims. It has delivered information that is not covered by mass media and reported from the very spots of the struggles.

As the ruling class's move towards establishing a 'war-state' penetrates into local communities, which has been demonstrated in such legislation as Japan-US Military Guidelines-related Laws(War Mobilization Laws),Wire-tapping Law and 'Hinomaru-Kimigayo(National Flag and Anthem)' Law, FLAG OF UNITY highlights the community-based struggles that call for democratic transformation of communities through people's network and decision-making with everyone participating in it.

FLAG OF UNITY, enhancing solidarity of democratic forces around the world fighting against global capitalism, calls for the struggles to realize democratic socialism in the 21st century.

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